Rocky Mountain Update

It has been a wild and wooly three weeks. Each day I have been meaning to send an update or start a blog. So here goes a summary.

Lets start with the most obvious. Colorado is BEAUTIFUL. The weather is beautiful. The views are beautiful. Our house is beautiful. Our hair is beautiful. Did you know that when you take FL humidity out of the equation, every day can be a good hair day?!?

I would have never been able to leave FL without the help of several people. Bob, Danella, Mom, Dad, Karyn!, Melissa, Insu, and our whole small group! You guys all rock! Thank you for all you did to help us get the house ready to leave and move. You are the hands (AND feet and strong backs) of Jesus at work. Its hard to leave you all, but easier knowing its not permanent.

The trip from FL to CO was memorable. RockyDaddy and A left Tuesday and made it to Colorado by Thursday night/Friday morning as planned. The biggest glitch was at the first rest stop; Baron (our dog) rolled in some unidentifiable yuck. RockyDaddy and A had to endure the smell for the next two days. To be honest, I am surprised RockyDaddy didn’t just leave Baron’s big furry behind somewhere in Texas. Other than that it was a positive experience for a Daddy Daughter Date and they both say they would do it again.

For those of you that know that we were going to say, “Goodbye” to Baron before we left… Well, he must have heard us talking and rallied one more time. He is walking fairly well and eating normally again. He has fallen down the stairs, but RockyDaddy walks him around the outside of the house to get from the basement to the main floor and back again to avoid stairs. So for now, he gets to enjoy the Colorado winter with us and I couldn’t be happier.

Mom, Dad, K, E and I also had a memorable trip. Not very fond memories of Delta, but good memories together. Our trip took 23 hours door-to-door. All the flights in Atlanta were grounded and we almost had to stay the night. The girls were mostly adorable, squealing, “We’re flying! We’re flying!” at take off after taxiing for an hour. Most of the adults on the plane felt the same sentiments. After finally getting a flight into Denver (by way of Salt Lake City), E was singing a beautiful song about Colorado here we come. Granny packed a bag of fun tricks, of which we used every one. The only crying and screaming was at the end of the hour we spend at the ticket counter in Atlanta, which I was quoted as saying to my dad, “Just let them scream and fight! Maybe we’ll finally get some attention from Delta!”  (I didn’t cry and scream for long).

Once we arrived home in Colorado, my family was together, my bed was set up, my kitchen was all unpacked (thank you Mark and Dayanne) and I already had a new (to me) beautiful washing machine. What else does a girl need?

Since we have arrived, things have gone remarkably well. The house is great. When we first arrived it was big, beautiful, and empty. So we spent the first two and half weeks combing through thrift stores and Craigslist. I like treasure hunting, so it was a fun experience. The best part of the house is looking out the windows and seeing Pikes Peak. Unobstructed views of America the Beautiful!

It has been fun being close to Uncle L and Aunt J too. They have garage sale’d with us, gave us their table and chairs, and lately they’ve been finding out all the local scoop on ski deals and calling us with details. I think they are more excited about teaching our kids to ski than we are! And we even spent a weekend at their house near Boulder to go trick or treating.

For those of you that we used to hike for several days with…well, I traded in my purple Kelty for a daypack. But it will be none the less adventurous. We took our first family hike near Helen Hunt Falls. Have I ever mentioned that K and E have no fear!?! It was not a long hike, but it was about a 400 ft elevation change…Of which they scrambled up like billy goats. RockyDaddy couldn’t even keep up with E. Thankfully, A is more cautious and able, so RockyDaddy and I just made sure we were each beneath a three year old ready to catch them as they rolled down the mountain. Gratefully we arrived filthy but safe…As I am thanking God that we made it, E exclaimed, “Dad, can we do a harder hike next time?!?”

We have also gone to Focus on the Family’s “Whit’s End” twice. Its great! The kids love it and RockyDaddy and I are really impressed. I have always respected the Dobsons and their words have influenced my life greatly through giving insight to my parents and now myself. So you can imagine my chagrin when one of the children thought we should stay longer and showed her displeasure by firmly attaching herself at the statue of James Dobson Sr. — I calmly pried her loose and carried that three year old over my shoulder, while she screamed at the top of her lungs (yes, it was the LOUD one), “Let ME GO! Let me Go! LET ME GO!”…I overheard some one say, “No she belongs with her. I saw that she is part of a matching set”. It probably would have looked like I was abducting her otherwise. I got to the van and said to RockyDaddy, “Just watch me DARE to DISCIPLINE!” You’ll probably see it on the next “Strong Willed Child Series”.

My birthday was great. I was lavished with hugs, kisses, three red roses and an iPod Nano complete with “Rock What You Got” by Superchick. It was PERFECT!… especially since I am now a speed limit, and a slow one at that!

RockyDaddy likes his work. Its new and different. He likes the people who he works with. But I really have no idea what in the world he is doing. (: They did ask him if he has a passport on the first day. Thankfully, so far he is only going to Canada. Eh?

Oh, yes, we are also doing things like unpacking, recovering from colds/coughs and catching up on math, reading, science, spelling, writing…but who wants to hear about that?!?  We did have about two inches of snow yesterday morning — just enough for a small snowball fight in the backyard.

Well, I could expound on our adventures even more…maybe a blog would be less presumptuous. Because I see that I am filling up your inbox. But I do want to thank you all for your prayers, well wishes, and for checking in on us. We are so thankful that we can take this year for adventure and we hope that we can share it with you in person.


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