January 21, 2009

OK, today I am a bit less philosophical. Just wanted to let you know what we are up to. With the holidays over and all of our visitors gone, our lives are starting to follow patterns a little more typical. We home school at least four days a week with the fifth day being a block for science or exploration.

We’re fitting in a few extracurricular activities for the kids and our date nights consist of working out at the YMCA. A takes a musical theatre class and basketball, K and E take ballet, and I am the assistant coach in b-ball. N keeps busy with work, running, and his high maintenance girls. Every day he looks out at Pikes Peak and wants to conquer it. It taunts him, but he will have to wait for better weather. I look at the Peak with wonder, not with ambition. I only hope to conquer it with my camera.

But I have started running again. Love it, except when I have to push 70 lbs. around in a jogger…up hill…in snow…both ways! My SIL (Aunt J) gave me the gift of a run without pushing a jogger…alone…without incessant chatter…no need for potty breaks or stops to break up fights…both ways…It was beautiful, Man! This same SIL offered to watch my girls and dog while I take a future weekend away with my honey… to ski…Aunt J might be my favorite person in the world right now (:

But with only a year here, we are trying to do everything we can that can’t be done in Florida. We’ve gone to Garden of the Gods, Old Colorado City, Denver Aquarium, Pearl Street in Bouldner and just going to the park is breathtaking! For our 11th Anniversary we hiked Pikes little brother, Mount Hermon.  K and E’s birthday hike was near Palmer Lake. Uncle L and Aunt J came with us. Half of the mountain was covered with snow, which made an adventurous ride down in a sled. And let me say, this was not intended to be a sledding hill. But what do we know!?!- We’re just a bunch of Florida kids. It’s a 4th birthday party that will not soon be forgotten. Also memorable was attending ….drum roll please…the 14th Annual Fruitcake Toss. When we heard about it, we knew we had to go.  Our only regret was that we did not build a high-powered fruitcake tosser to enter into the competition.

Well, gotta go get some of the mundane parts of life accomplished. But I’m already planning the next family adventure. Until then, Happy Trails to You!

-Girl in the Rockies.


2 Responses to “January”

  1. Mandi Says:

    I’m SO glad you started a blog! Now I have a new way to keep in touch with you. (:

    It’s an early morning for me…drinking coffee, praying, and asking Him for a verse to hold on to for today.

  2. Fiddledeedee Says:

    WE MISS YOU GUYS! There is a picture of one of the girls enlarged in the hall of church, and I get misty eyed whenever I pass it. Sob. Sob. (I took a pic and I’ll send it to you.)

    We’re freezing here in Armpit, FL. Stacey was suppose to go CAMPING this week. It’ll take her 2 weeks to thaw I bet.

    I’ll e-mail. Lots of changes here with the homeschool group. Sure you’ve heard.


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