We did not ski

Well, the new adventure that I said I was planning was going to be the first Family Ski trip. We have not all gone together yet. As you can imagine it took much planning…especially because we are cheap…I mean frugal. We had snacks for our pockets, lunch for the locker, diversions incase our 4 year olds don’t like skiing, Ibuprofen for Rockydady and Rockymomma, buy- one- get- one- free tickets (from filling our gas at a special station), $5 rentals and lift tickets for K and E,…we planned for it all…except for A to start barfing the day before. She wisely advised that we should not spend all that money and risk it being a bad day. Yah, yah whatever…Mommy wanted to ski! And we worked so hard to figure out how to take a family of 5 for well under $200! Whah Whah…Rockydaddy and I only whined for a little while. Then we figured, maybe God was protecting us from one of the recent horrors reported in the news… (before you click on the link, I warn you- the title is “Skier caught with his pants down”!)

I guess this only proves that you cannot plan for it all! And it can always be worse.

-Girl in the Rockies (AKA Rockymomma)


One Response to “We did not ski”

  1. Mandi Says:

    Oh, Brianna! So sorry your best laid plans didn’t come to fruition. But I would take sitting inside your warm home over hanging upside down in the cold with your pants down anyday! ha ha!

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