We skied!…kind of…

We did it! We took our entire family of five skiing for under $200! $195 to be exact. Never mind that I spent more time helping children in the bathroom than actually on the slopes. Never mind that my trapezius are burning like fire from lifting up four-year-olds off the snow. And never mind that we had to have the lift stopped as I held on to my daughter by the arm as she dangled three feet in the air.

Since there were no injuries, I can actually say that it was all worth it. Just to ski down a sunny, snow covered, wide open mountainside and hear my seven year old daughter say, “Mom, can you please stop doing all those silly “S” turns. You are going too SLOW down the mountain!”. I enjoyed every moment of the view while trailing behind as she zipped down the slopes. One down, two more to go.


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