Science Exploration

This is one of our science exploration projects. We were discussing how the friction of the various surface areas affected the speed of our objects going down the ramp. The first trial was with identical wooden blocks. But to be honest we had more fun racing matchbox cars down the ramp.


A and I left for less than 5 minutes to record our data. When I peaked into our “lab” I discovered a few design tweaks that twin four-year-olds had made. I stopped them as they were about to introduce raisins as the next variable, but this is what they accomplished in about 3.75 minutes…twin powers activated.



One Response to “Science Exploration”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Wow! What creativity! I also like the sweater/skirt/purple boots combo – great colour scheme!! Look out Colorado fashionistas (and coyotes)!

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