Start of a new day

Today did not start out well. My first words came out in a scratchy low sounding voice. Low and raspy sounding enough to cause RockyDaddy to say, “You don’t sound good”.

Then I burnt the oatmeal…twice…in two different pans. I’ve only made oatmeal at least once a week for the past 10 years. I guess you’d have to be the mother of several children or twins to understand how I could burn it…twice.

What I mean is, when waiting for the three minutes that it takes the oatmeal to simmer, I can accomplish a lot. Three minutes is enough to switch the laundry; copy math worksheets; brush my teeth; brush a daughters hair (well, not the curly ones); check e-mail, or fold towels…I can’t just stand in front of the stove lallygagging!

Ah, but I forgot that I have MIAT (mommy induced attention deficit). So when I finish one three minute task, I’ve already forgotten what I was doing before…and I am totally oblivious to the incessant beeping of the timer…until I smell the smoke…again. Thankfully, God has given me a heightened sense of smell. That way, I won’t burn our home in the Rockies down as I try for a third time to make the oatmeal with my feet planted firmly at the stove.


One Response to “Start of a new day”

  1. Mandi Says:

    You are such a multi-tasker but maybe you need to slow down a bit for the sake of your pots!!! ha ha!

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