The Truth and Nothing But

My eldest child tattles, “Mo-OM! K took eight candy hearts!”
I scold, “Honey, I said you could only have six candies.”
Four year old K says matter-of-factly- “Mom, I can only count to eight, not six.”

I say, “Honey, did you put on a night time pull-up?
E looks me straight in the eyes, “Yes. But please don’t check!”

My seven year old copied her spelling words onto a note card and put it on the floor under her feet while sitting at her desk. After word #3 of the spelling test I said, “What is that under you feet?” –“Just some trash, I’ll pick it up later.”

As I ponder how to teach these little liars honesty, I remember a time less than a year ago…When she was age three, I put K in timeout in a chair. As RockyDaddy and I walk back and forth past the room over the next three minutes, I notice the little offender mischievously grinning in the chair. “RockyDaddy, something is up.” I say as I take a good look…and realize that it is now E in the chair wearing a matching outfit to K. They switched places and E is doing the time for K! Friends, they were only three years old…we should have known then that we would be in real trouble. (And yes, they are that identical!)

Who says that children are not born with a sinful nature? -only people who have never reared children!

So for now, I trust no one…I inspect what I expect. I beg God for wisdom in teaching my children. And thank Him for supernatural discernment to see through the lies.


One Response to “The Truth and Nothing But”

  1. Mandi Says:

    Oh, I just love your girls…even if they are little liars. (: You are such a great momma…I’m going to need your advice in a few years.

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