More later

Well, if I am truly trying to record our memories of this year…this past ten days have been tough. The best part was celebrating RockyDaddy’s birthday. I love to see how excited the girls get about celebrating their daddy. They made about 30 pieces of original art, Ainslee decorated his cake, and we had a formal dinner and a movie. The movie was of K and E in ballet, A in b-ball, and A’s documentary of the Daddy Daughter Drive to CO.

The rest of the time has been filled with fevers, sinus infections, ear infections, nasty coughing and painful feet from still not resolved plantar fasciitis. And that was all me! Two of the girls have also needed nebulizer treatments on and off. K fell down half a flight of stairs, and E got her back suctioned to the jets of the bath hot-tub, causing millions of capillaries to burst. Whew. Did I forget anything? Thankfully, no human children were seriously injured in the process of us living our lives.

Soon, I will post some of the highlights and photos. You have to see the cake Ainslee decorated! More later…


2 Responses to “More later”

  1. Mandi Says:

    Whew…that is tough! Hopefully things are on the upswing for the RockyFamily. (:

  2. Fiddledeedee Says:

    Well. The whole thing just proves to me that you need to come back here where it’s warm.

    Well. That’s a lie. It’s not warm. Coldest winter on record.

    But come back anyway.

    Counting the days. 🙂 Hang in there. And I’m serious, contact Michelle!!!!

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