A frequent phrase between RockyDaddy and I is, “It is hard to maintain perspective.” We have so much to be thankful for, yet we find ourselves in self pity mode at times. We know that our Heavenly Father hates murmuring and deserves praise and thankfulness and yet…

I have a wonderful two days and one night away to ski with my hubby. The weather is perfect, the snow report exceptional, and someone else is bearing the responsibility of my children. Life is good. As I swish down the long mountain at Keystone, I thank God for the beautiful world.

But 10 minutes down the slope, I start to notice that my legs don’t work like they used to pre-children. In fact, they don’t even work like they did after the first child and pre-twins. My leg cramps and my turns are not smooth and controlled. They are more jerky and desperate.

I angrily remind myself that with each childbirth my ligaments were stretched like bungee cords and my skin like overused theraband. I don’t have time to work out like I want to, because I home school my kids and have few moments even off of my feet. No wonder my body is not obeying my brain.

Rocky Daddy can’t even snowboard this slow. So he has to do the “snowboarder sit” to wait for me…every 100 yards. I am getting more SELF-conscious…

My thoughts race as my body crawls down the hill, “I used to be adventurous, fit, and fun…I used to be able to do hills harder than this without a thought.” You can see where this trail was leading me- The Mountain House of Self Pity.

These thoughts continued until I got to the bottom of the mountain, where I came face to face with Perspective. Two skiers smiled in front of me, joyfully ready to conquer the slopes in their ski chairs. These two people happened to be paraplegics. But that wasn’t stopping them. Hmmm. Perspective- just when I needed it.

I said to RockyDaddy, “Let me stretch while you do two more runs. Then I’ll meet you for another trip down the mountain.” After I stretched my calves, quads, and character, the rest of the day was beautiful. And I thank God for it.


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