Family Ski Tips

Well, I had the best day of skiing all year! It was absolutely wonderful and I thought I would share a few of the things that made it such a success. And yes my 7, 4, and 4 year olds where even there too!

1) Plan your trip for the day after a blizzard. The powder is unbelievable!
2) Rent a house close to the slopes so that you don’t have to get up at 4:30 a.m. to be there when the slopes open.
3) Rent ski blades. OK, I know they are dorky, but when you are teaching two four year olds to ski, they are perfect. And people on snow boards can’t teach little ones to ski, they can’t even get them on a chairlift!
4)Make sure you ski with three uncles, one aunt, your husband, and two grandparents. No less!
5) Spend the morning hours with your little ones. And ask one of them (K) to race her Uncle Nathan down the bunny hill. Then laugh uncontrollably as she points her skis straight ahead and zooms down, faster than a pink bullet, almost to the parking lot. Her two uncles will frantically try to catch her. But she triumphantly wins the race!
6) Watch your father successfully teach the other twin to make controlled and precise turns down the bunny hill over and over again.
7) When the two little ones have a complete meltdown at the same time and refuse to ski, walk, or stop screaming…send them to the rental house with their loving grandparents!
6) Ski until your heart is content.

While integrating step #6, make sure to follow your three brothers and husband on one jump. The thrill of hearing them cheer and laugh as you “land it” is priceless. (It doesn’t even matter that I only had about 1 and a half inches of air!) And also be sure to ski down several blues with your 7 year old. Marvel at how much she has grown and how enjoyable it is to do things with her now. And throughout the day thank God for the beauty that surrounds you.


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