Praise- Dr. Seuss Style

Ok, I admit it. I let my thoughts wander during the sermon at church today. In my defense, Pastor Matt is doing an entire year on one topic. In Pastor’s defense, by the end of this blog, you’ll think that I need it!

Since I truly want to hear what God is trying to teach me through Pastor, I usually stay focused. I try to stop myself when the thoughts are, “What am I going to feed my family after church?” or “When did this skirt get peanut butter on it?”.

But today, I was actually daydreaming about the topic of the sermon- Praise. The strange part is that my thoughts kept focusing on, “How would Dr. Seuss praise God?”

Praise-Dr. Seuss Style

Would I praise God for who He is and what He does?
Could I praise Him for who He loves?

Would I worship by speaking or singing?
With a didgeridoo or bells that are ringing?

Can I worship by myself or in communities?
Will I offer praise spontaneously OR as annuities?

Will I praise Him with emotion AND volition?
Will I praise Him as if I am on a mission?

Can I praise Him in gladness and sorrow,
Knowing that He is the same today and tomorrow?

Yes, I can praise Him and I WILL.
I will praise Him when I am moving and still.

I will praise Him in dark and in light.
I will praise Him in HIS might.

I will know that He is God
Where ever the path I trod.

I will praise Him anew.
Will YOU?


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