Easter weekend

I thought about titling this entry, “Seder, Easter Brunch, and a Full Moon”. But it seemed a bit irreverent, considering by “Full Moon”, I am speaking of a certain four year old’s exhibitionism. I would like to focus on how meaningful our weekend was and how thankful we are to our new Colorado Friends for including us in their activities. And yet, we will forever remember what has now become know as, “What Rocky E did at the Seder”!

I feel the need to defend myself…I have tried to raise three feminine, modest, yet confident little ladies of faith. I really don’t know WHERE little Rocky E got the idea. In fact, I had even prayed (begged) God to help my children behave this weekend. We were, after all, going to be spending time with new families who work at places like Focus on the Family and Navigators…I believe in living an “authentic” Christian life, but I still want to make a good first impression for Pete’s Sake!

We were invited to a children’s Seder on Thursday. Our hosts did a fabulous job of making it both meaningful and fun for the children. It brought me such joy to see all three of my children participating. When it was over, I breathed a sign of relief. For the most part, my kids had behaved. So I decided to linger for 20 minutes to chat with the parents and let the kids play outside. Big mistake!

One of the other (more well-behaved) children ran into the house to say, Rocky E needs her mom, her pants are down. I sprinted out to the yard, to see my sweet little four year old moonin’ the rest of the girls. The southern influence in my life came out as I curtly said her FULL name (all seven syllables) and went into some tirade about modesty. I really don’t remember what I said, just how mortified I felt.

“Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up” …will He still lift you up if your children humble yourself in the sight of God and new friends?

Then on Easter Sunday, we went to brunch at another home. Again, I beseeched the Lord to help my children behave. But mid adult conversation I hear my eldest yell, “Mom! Rocky K is doing “what Rocky E did at the Seder!” Again I sprint like a track star because THIS time we are not in the company of little girls, but of six young boys.

Thankfully, it was a misunderstanding. K was stuck hanging from the top bunk bed and her frilly Easter pants where just slipping down. Undies were still in place. But it still left me to explain my panicked streak across the house in as much “strength and dignity” as I could muster. Pass the mimosa and here is “laughing at the days to come!” (Prov. 31)


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