Prayer chains mandatory

Well, the beautiful snow that I spoke of earlier has RockyDaddy, his brother, and his cousin stuck on I-70. They have been in the same spot for 2 1/2 hours. Yep. They said that one motorist got out of the car, hiked up the tunnel, and skied down. That is the only movement they have seen.

I called the CO highway patrol to get them some details. The road is closed.

OK, but what about the people who are stuck on the closed road? Well, they have to wait until the 300 cars that are stuck in El Rancho get moved. Hmmm. How long will that take? We don’t know.

So while the girls and I are cozy and warm, the boys have two peanut butter sandwiches, one bottle of water, and their sense of humors to get them through. Snow chains are mandatory, roads are closed, and abandoning your car is not recommend. Prayer chains mandatory as well. So start it now: please pray for all the motorist stuck in the snow. We’ll keep the hot cocoa waiting…


One Response to “Prayer chains mandatory”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Being a part of an automated “snow alert” email, I torture myself almost daily. I see Breckenridge had 10 inches yesterday.

    God has funny ways of making us long for His will and direction. You can decide if that comment was intended for you or for us. 😉

    Meanwhile, it’ll be in the 80s and humid here today.

    I trust they all made it home safely, or at least have made it to a food place with coffee and are now well on their way home.




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