I feel good

I am experiencing a Rocky Mountain Runner’s High. I just ran a 5K while the sun was setting behind the Rocky Mountains. Since RockyDaddy pushed Rocky-K and Rocky-E in the twin jogger, Rocky-A rode her bike, AND I had on my iPod, it was almost like I was running by myself. To quote James Brown, “I feel GOOD! Na na na na na na na. I feel good. Na na na na na na na. And I knew that I would, now.”

Can’t explain it. But if you run, you understand. And if you’ve seen the sun set behind the Rockies, you get it. If you’ve done both, sing it with me- “I feel good!’

So while I am experiencing this high, I am going to do something a little crazy. If a 5K feels so good, why not a 10K? Sign me up! Hope this high can last through the training. Feet don’t fail me now.


One Response to “I feel good”

  1. Mandi Says:

    Good luck!

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