Spring Fever

The Rocky House has spring fever – all of us. Thursday was another beautiful Colorado Spring Day. RockyDaddy knew that RockyMomma didn’t feel like being inside. So at breakfast he suggested that we plant our seeds and seedlings that I had bought for our container garden.

I try to reserve Friday for a block of science and exploration. But thankfully, Friday came a day early and Earth Day a day late. We had a wonderful morning in the front yard planting strawberries, tomatoes, mint, spearmint, and rosemary. Yes, it is an odd collection chosen by the RockyChildren. But we felt so wholesome, waving to the neighbors and planting our food (pretending that the day before we had not all been grouchy and impatient with each other).

I decided we would have lunch out on the deck with our friend Pike the Peak. I prepared the food, while the girls played on the swing attached to the underneath of our deck. RockyE came in and asked for a cup of water. A few minutes later, I heard loud laughter. Some of the laughter surprised, and some devious.

RockyE had calculatingly poured her cup of water through the deck slats onto her sisters at the swing below! So when RockyK came up for a cup of water, of course I said, “yes”. And quickly poured a third cup for RockyA.

The girls dried off on our nature trail bike ride. We found seed pods and discussed all the different ways that seeds are dispersed. We even dispersed a few ourselves by blowing a few wish flowers (dandelions). Another beautiful day in the Rockies!

Addendum 04/27/09: I am so glad that I took RockyDaddy’s advice. He is, after all, the smartest man that I know! (No offense, Dad. You are the wisest man I know.)

This Colorado weather is sporadic. After our beautiful spring day, we had cold rainy weather. And today we had another spring snow. If you are from Colorado, this seems very normal. But for this Florida girl, its seems that the end times are near and the seasons have run amuck! Warm 80’s weather followed by snow?!? Who ever heard of such a thing?


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