This afternoon I took my three girls to a Space Day science exhibit. All morning we were a bit harried trying to get school work done and leave on time. But the science show was well worth it.

As we arrived back home and entered the house, I was giving instructions to my daughters of all that we had left to accomplish before soccer practice. But I stopped mid-sentence as I looked around our home. Something was not right. Things were not where I had left them. I froze and took note of my surroundings.

Then I gasped and grabbed my phone. No, not 911. I called my hero, RockyDaddy, and screamed, “Someone broke into our house!” He laughed and said, “How can you tell?”

“Well, nothing is where I left it…the four loads of clean laundry that had been sitting on the couch for days…they are all gone! And I can see the floor too. Every single toy and book is gone! I suspect that they might even be…put AWAY. Could it be? And the lunch dishes that I just stacked in the sink before we left the house…they are CLEAN. Someone was here and….CLEANED the house!”

“Yah, please tell the intruder’s wife that his lunch break took longer than he suspected. So he might be a little late coming home.” said my hero and best friend.


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