Well, I am rehabbing again. My feet have rebelled against my plan to train for a 10K. So I am forcing them to submit. I have put them in a regimen of PT 3x/week, elliptical trainer 2x/wk, and spin class 2x/wk. Unfortunatley I am forbidden to run.

My new PT took one look at me and said, “You have more problems going on than just your feet!” She analyzed my gait along with my complaints of foot pain. When she found out I was an OT, she opened her eyes wide and said, “You really ought to know better.”- proving she is the right PT for me. I am a lousy, but honest patient. She is a direct and knowledgeable therapist. So I think that we will get along well.

The other PT in the room is a runner too. So after I said that I re-injured my feet by training for a 10K, he said, “I’ll see you at the Bolder Boulder!” Somehow he knew that I was not going to give up, even though my PT thinks that I should.

I am a rebel that way (: I just didn’t know that it showed.

In addition to my fitness rehab, I have also begun a nutrition program. I found a really great motivational tool. And even better- its free! If you want something to keep you on track for your goals, you should check it out: It even has a free nutrition tracking option that is fairly easy to use. And you can design your own strength training program.

Even though the scale doesn’t show results, I like seeing that I still met my nutrition goals each day. It is a much better method of grading your progress. Especially if like me, you have a metabolism designed to hold onto every calorie like you are in a ten year famine.

All that being said, my goal is health and feet that don’t hurt when I run. At least I have a plan…another one…again…I’m hopeful.


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