Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day Granny and Mopsie

Not the kind in a chair,
But the kind who has chic and flair.
You are the Granny who knows best,
Yet keeps opinions in the vest.
You are always there when needed
And Your advice is best when heeded.
You are like good music-
always in style
And enjoyed all the while.
You are a Rockin’ Granny.

You are a COOKIN’ DIVA.
Your style could never leave ya.
You are full of southern charm-
Yet hot as a five alarm.
But you also have grace and poise.
Even though you can make some noise.
We like you when you’re fun and loud.
To have such a Mopsie- we are proud!
Today your praise we are singing.
Your Hallelujah chorus is ringing-
Hooray for Mopsie the Cooking Diva!

Happy Mother’s Day! We love you and miss you. We are so blessed to have you both in our lives. Thank you for showing us how to love Jesus and for always loving us! We thank God for Granny and Mopsie!


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