Rebel With a Cause

I just chose my curriculum for next year. I have been researching several options and was on the fence. But now I am certain. What made the decision? Well, our curriculum was banned from the Colorado home school convention. SOLD! That’s it; now I know it is the one I want.

I blame my dad. My mom is a rule follower. She was raised catholic and was mostly comfortable having those boundaries. But my dad? Well let me share a small excerpt from a book that I am writing. The working title is “Confessions of a Preachers Daughter: What my parents did right.”

“The truth is, my dad was a born rebel. If you can break a rule and still be in line with God’s will, he revels in the pseudo-rebellion.”

Now I must express my convictions about obeying God’s laws, not causing brothers or sisters in Christ to stumble and setting an example for children. All imperative.

Can you do all these things and still help your children toilet paper the youth pastor’s new house? Write an absence note for “family matters” to take your children fishing? Teach your sons and daughter how to turn the other cheek yet be able to throw a mean punch to defend themselves? Let your young daughter express her opinions even when it does not sound proper? Tell your over achieving, somewhat legalistic daughter to “let the wind blow your sails and don’t be afraid to make some mistakes”? Somehow my parents did.

Dad is a former boxer, gang member, mafia runner, mean dude who now loves and serves Jesus. Even his best friend has said, “He was the meanest dude I knew.” Over thirty years ago, the person who led him to the Lord gave Dad a Bible. But the interesting part of the story is what is inscribed inside- “Read it, Dumb A**”. Yah, just like that 70’s show, but Christian. Not exactly Evangelism Explosion, but effective.

Although I only saw the inscription recently as an adult, I believe the attitude of that inscription is probably why Dad read it. Well, that and the miraculous wooing of the Holy Spirit. My dad is proof that God truly does work in mysterious ways.

But Dad is probably also where I get my pseudo-rebellious streak. He’s why I thought it fine that my daughter just learned to play poker from her uncle. Why I was the first preacher’s daughter in the church’s 75 year history to have dancing at her wedding. Why I am learning to care more about what God thinks than what others think. Why I have learned to see the potential of what Christ can do with people instead of what they are today. And why I have a glimpse of what grace is.

So, give me that contraband Christian based curriculum. The Colorado Home Educators just convinced me of what I want. I needed a little pseudo-rebellion in my life.

I use the Bible to teach my children a Christian World View. But even within that context there are variations of interpretations. The absolutes are what I need to focus on. I think that my children can handle knowing that there are various beliefs out there, even within the same worldview.

Some people drink, dance, and wear lots of makeup. Some preach in ties and some in Hawaiian shirts. Are these absolutes? Some people believe God created the earth a long, long time ago. And some people believe that God created the earth even longer ago. Is the timetable an absolute? To me, these are not absolutes. There are some, but these are not it.

If you believe different non-essentials than I do, does that mean that I can’t have you over for dinner? Can’t meet you and your children at the park? Can’t praise the Lord together? No. But I guess it means that we cannot attend the same home school convention together.


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