Interruptions are life

When I heard that the guest pastor was going to speak on “Time Management”, I all but groaned. Just what I need- more guilt that I am not using my time wisely enough; can’t get enough done; don’t take care of myself enough; can’t keep an organized house; don’t wake up at 4:30 a.m. to pray for an hour… fail, fail, fail, fail.  You get the idea.

Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. The pastor used a very Biblical perspective of time and I ended up leaving encouraged and even inspired. One thing that struck me is that he said that an average person has 75 interruptions per day. “Well, then. Here is to being above average!” I thought.

All of us mommas out there probably are thinking, “Seventy-five?!? That sounds like a GOOD day! Try 175 and maybe we’ll be in the ballpark. Or maybe that is just while we are driving to the ball park?” Anyway, 75 must be in a man’s day. A man would quit if he was interrupted as many times as a mother is in a day. Or combust, whichever came first.

Then the pastor said that life happens during the interruptions. Interruptions are life. Wow. All I could think about was my mom. She was and still is “Super Mom” in my eyes. Somehow she did it all, and she did it well. Whatever she didn’t do well, went unnoticed. And although I know that I must have interrupted her everyday, she never once made me feel like an interruption. Somehow she must have known that life is busy happening through the interruptions.

She always had time to listen, even when I said the same things over and over. I imagine that she answered every one of my toddleresque questions because I knew I could go to her with my teenage quandaries. I cannot remember a single time that she wasn’t there when I needed her. But just in case, she taught me that God is always there when we need Him. When I thought I was in a situation that I could not handle, she said, “That is why we have faith.” So even if she couldn’t be there, she led me to the One who would always be there.

Do you know that she treats everyone that way? Let me tell you, there have been many people “interrupt” my mom’s life. I have stood by and watched them. But she didn’t treat them like an interruption. She treated them all with love and respect.

My parents have let so many people come live in their home that no one knows the exact count. These are not just neighbors interrupting dinner to ask for a cup of sugar. These are people coming to live, eat, and sleep in their home for days, months or years at a time. So my mom knows about interruptions, but she never has called them that. Because she sees interruptions as people. Some of those people became family.

So here is where I begin to live in the interruptions. And see the interruptions as people that God loves dearly. I will try to turn a sister squabble into a time to teach conflict management. Turn time sitting in a waiting room to give encouragement to a stranger. Have time to let my house stay unorganized if it means I can love my family better.

Who’s time is it anyway? Once I had children, I realized that it is certainly not MY time. But when I realize that it is God’s time because I am a living sacrifice, then are there really any interruptions? No, just changes in what I thought the plan was. If life is interruptions and the interruptions are people, then I can see my life all around me. And isn’t it a beautiful mess!


One Response to “Interruptions are life”

  1. Mandi Says:

    What a great post filled with such truth! Your mom sounds like an amazing woman and you are so blessed to have her as an example to follow. A pastor at our church encouraged us one time to “allow ourselves to be interruptable” because it’s in those moments that God uses us to bless others. So here’s to being interruptable today!!!

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