Ode to Joy and Nate

After 10 years of marriage, RockyDaddy’s little brother (Nate) and wife (Joy) are expecting twins.  We have been joyfully laughing ever since their announcement. Just thinking of how their lives are about to change always brings a smile to our faces.

Since the due date is fast approaching, they have been in our thoughts, prayers, and family discussions almost every day. If they come to your mind, please say a prayer for them and their little baby boys.

Ode to Joy & Nate

Oh what future is on its way.
Know not what time or day,
But two will come.
Two is the sum-
That will bring such wonder.

Wonder what was life before?
What is in store?
How will life change?
How will we rearrange?

There is One who knows.
He is the one that future sows.
Heaps of blessings you will reap.
Although there will be no sleep.
But there will be love.

Remember what life was before.
More is in store.
Life will change.
You will always rearrange.

Love is what you will need.
As each child you try to feed.
Feed, clothe, and bless.
Trying to give each more, not less.
There will always be enough.

Enough wonder and joy
For each little boy,
For mom and dad.
When happy or sad-
He will be your strength.

Stay tuned for the humorous side of parenting twins…


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