Frog guts

Since my girls recently discovered that part of my education of years past included dissecting things (cat, pig, and human cadavers), they have been very interested in doing some dissecting of their own.

Last week they spotted a dead field mouse. Since RockyE loves all things rodent, I thought this discovery would bring tears. But instead she begged to “disick” it. Today they squished a fly to find “brown and yellow guts”, which I have yet to clean off of the wall. (But I better finish cleaning it before PETA gets involved!)

I’ve tried to explain to them that there are animals that are specially prepared for dissection. But I think that the wildlife in our neighborhood should still be on their guard.

I overheard Rocky K and Rocky E discussing metamorphosis and lifecycles three days ago. RockyE explained, “Well a caterpillar builds a chrysalis and then flies away as a butterfly. A tadpole hatches from an egg and then turns into a frog. But what does a frog turn into?”

RockyK replied matter-of-factly, “A dead frog.”

And then I guess that we could dissect it.

So I am off to find some virtual dissection websites. Any suggestions? “Froguts” has my vote so far.  I just like the catchy name.


One Response to “Frog guts”

  1. Mandi Says:

    Your girls just crack me up! Thank goodness for virtual dissection…I could NOT handle the real thing. “Froguts” gets my vote, too. 🙂

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