My Two Cents

Every employee of the company RockyDaddy works for received an interesting letter this week. It was titled, “My Two Cents”.  The crux of the letter was, “No matter how hard you worked, you will not be getting a raise this year.”  Does anyone find that ironic? –“my two cents”?!?  How bout you keep your rotten “two cents”. At least name your letter something appropriate…like “Punked”.

To be honest, we weren’t counting our eggs before they hatched, so we will be fine without the raise. But don’t you think that the performance reviews this year will be interesting, “Mr. Rocky. You worked efficiently, competently, and went above and beyond the call of duty. So now we are going to reward you with…nada.” Well at least he is sure to get an “at a boy!”…Oh and don’t forget the generous “two cents”.

In the company’s defense, it was a very well written “two cents”. At least they aren’t laying off more people. And they are making cuts in smart places too, like the beloved Christmas Party and travel expenses. It is a good job. His manager is great. We are thankful he has a paycheck and we’ve been able to experience CO on their dime. So I won’t complain too much.

Because my man works so hard and is so good at what he does, I decided to write his performance review and give him a raise.  I will be sure to look for lucky pennies and lost coins around town. At least I will be able to offer more than the “two cents” his company gave him.

Title: RockyDaddy

Strengths and Accomplishments:

  • You know me, and still love me.
  • You appreciate that I educate our children.
  • You assist in their education.
  • When I am hunched over a pile of laundry, after wiping bottoms too many times to count, and insane from saying the same things all day  everyday, you remind me that I am an intelligent, well educated, interesting lady. And you are not afraid of the “natural look” I develop by the end of the day.
  • You make our children laugh everyday.
  • You make me laugh throughout the day.
  • You tell all of us that you love us, everyday.
  • You keep me from maiming anyone or loosing my mind.
  • You act instead of reacting.
  • You appreciate my input and are a team player.
  • You love the extended family that you married into.
  • You think my mom is delightfully quirky.
  • You enjoy hanging out with my sibs.
  • You think my dad is…well I can’t print that. But you do a good job of putting up with his craziness (: and respecting him.
  • You have NEVER forgotten an important date and always make me homemade birthday cards.
  • You love my cooking, yet don’t mind pitching in too.
  • You get excited about the things I am interested in.
  • You tell me about your day.
  • You listen to my day. And even though you are saving the world with your work, you act more interested in the daily activities of myself (and your children) than whatever it is you do at your job.
  • You pretend not to care that the house is a wreck.
  • You really think that I am still attractive after three kids.
  • You are still wonderful at being my recreational companion, lover, and best friend.
  • You are brilliant, and truly the smartest man I know.
  • You don’t think that you are all that smart.
  • You surprise us with guitar-accompanied serenades.
  • You can fix anything in only triple the time it would take a professional.
  • You don’t mind that I make things harder than they have to be, because it is your style too.
  • You are a visionary.
  • It is fun to dream with you.
  • You make my life happen. Without you, I’d just be stuck in a pile of laundry, screaming at the kids.
  • There never has been and never will be a man that I could love and respect more!

Developmental Needs:
To be announced as my frustration rises.


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