Thank You

This July 4th I found my heart swelling with thankfulness to so many.

Of course, most of all to my Lord God. He has given me abundantly above all that I could ask or imagine.  We were able to attend church on Saturday night before we went to see fireworks. The swelling of thankfulness started there. So thank you to my Lord, for so many answered prayers.

Thank you to all who have served and currently serve in the United States Military! Because of you I was able to attend church on the 4th of July and worship my Lord. We sang about the beauty of our Lord. We prayed for those in countries without the freedoms we celebrate in the US. Because of you, I am safely able to raise my children in the best country on earth.

Thank you to those friends who are serving the Lord where I cannot go. As I prayed for the people in the countries that are not free to worship God, some very specific friends came to mind. You know who you are: the ones putting their lives in danger to share the gospel of Jesus. You are living and  raising families in places hostile to the One you love. Thank you for sharing God’s love in every little and big way that you are able. You are a light in a truly dark world. We are praying for you.

Thank you to friends and family. You know me and still love me! We all need to be known and loved. Ultimately by God, but it feels good to also have some friends with skin on too.  Your phone calls, e-mails, prayers, and letters have meant so much. They are  symbols of your faithful friendship. I am thankful that God has blessed my life with you!

Our family spent the weekend with Larry, Jessica, Mark, Dayanne, and Michael. We celebrated the American way- we ate all weekend- pulled pork, watermellon, icecream, brocoli slaw, baked beans, hamburgers,… To ease the guilt we hiked Helen Hunt falls before watching the fireworks at the USAF Academy. On Sunday morning, Larry, Mark, and RockyDaddy ran the Summer Roundup 12K, we had a magic show, and then ate some more.

God Bless America! My home sweet home!


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