Something free

This week the four year olds and I have been hanging out while RockyA attends music theater camp and RockyDaddy is at work. This is our first week of summer vacation. (Whoo Hoo!) So although we’ve had a few doctors appointments and I am trying to get 30 projects done in 30 days, I also wanted to sprinkle a bit of fun in too. So after our appointment this morning I asked RockyE and RockyK, “Where do you want to go today?”

“To the Free Store!” they shouted.

“What is the free store?” I asked.

“The store where everything is free. Where the fish are free. The aquariums are free. And all the toys are free.” stated RockyK.

“And the pet mice are free!” said RockyE (who prays daily for a pet mouse).

I smiled and said, “If I knew where that store was, I would go. But unfortunately nothing is FREE.”

Then the two chatted about all the free things they would buy at the Free Store.

Fast forward about 5 hours. I decided to use the drive-thru option at Papa Johns for dinner tonight. “We’re celebrating this week,  I still need time to work out, and I  need to get RockyA’s hyena costume finished tonight.” -I rationalized to myself.  I also had a coupon I was saving for just a night as this. RockyDaddy loved the plan, because then he wouldn’t feel guilty about my sore feet as I cleaned the kitchen after dinner nor find himself guilted into doing the kitchen the next morning.

As I drove up to pick up the pizza, the guy at the window handed my debit card back to me and said, “Looks like this transaction is complete. Your pizza has already been paid for.”

“Paid for?! Are you sure?” I questioned as in the back of my mind I thought perhaps RockyDaddy had called ahead to pay as a surprise.

“Yep. You don’t owe a thing. You can take your pretty pink debit card.”

So I drove to the other side of the building and called RockyDaddy who said, “No. I didn’t pay for your pizza. You better call them back, there must have been a mix up.”

So I called and said, “I really don’t want to argue with you. But we didn’t pay for this pizza. Can I come back to the window and pay you?”

“Was it two mediums? -the extra cheese pizza and the mushroom and green pepper pizza?”


“O.K. Then its on us. Your pizza is free.”

“Well, thank you very much, PapaJohns! I appreciate it.”

Then RockyK shouted, “See Momma. Somethings are FREE. God gave us the pizza just because He loves us!”

Sometimes isn’t it just the little things in life that make you feel so good!


One Response to “Something free”

  1. Mandi Says:

    Love it! And I so admire your 30 projects in 30 days plan!

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