Age of technology

Next week is RockyA’s 8th birthday. Since her aunt and uncle were going to be here, we celebrated a bit early.  Granny and Grinkle mailed their present and it arrived in time for the party. So Uncle L set up his Mac and Granny’s Florida webcam. We pulled up a kitchen stool for her to “sit on” via the Mac. We had a virtual birthday party!

It was fun to have Granny “here” for the cake and presents. She said if she knew she was going to attend the party all the way from Florida, she would have done her hair and makeup…but we thought she looked virtually beautiful!

RockyA was very excited to open an IronKids watch from L and J and even more surprised to open a the newest DSi from Gran and Grink. She has the “old” DS lite, but Granny decided that her oldest grandchild would be up to date to the minute. RockyA gleefully opened the gift and got started- “Dad, I’m downloading a web browser so I can link to Webkinz and maybe get some apps. Then can I e-mail Granny and send a pictochat to K and E?”


“Let me see that thing? How do I set some controls?” She didn’t get it back for 30 minutes and had a new list of rules once the engineer had it. But I have to say, it is pretty cool. I might want one too. (If for no other reason that occupying all three children at the same time when waiting anywhere that we have to wait.)

I also decided that weekend that I wanted RockyA to have her own cell phone.  She would be at Music Theatre Camp all week and I am not used to having her a whole 2 miles away during the day. RockyDaddy decided that this is something that you do RMWI. – just because “Rocky Momma Wants It”. It was fun to get my first cell phone call from my daughter. I DO get excited about the little things.

The next day, RockK and RockyE were playing with their “new-to-them” DS lite. It looked so funny to see four-year-olds with a bit of technology of their own. But then RockyK announced, “RockyA’s DS has rainbow colors for pictochat. I want the NEW DS.” Which makes sense, because her DS was a whole two minutes old! And four is the new 13.”


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