Twin boys are born

Praise God from whom all blessing flow. Nate and Joy’s twin boys were born yesterday (34 week GA). They (and momma) are doing amazingly well. Breathing room air and good weights. (5 lb. 2 oz and 4 lb. 8 oz.) They have really cool names, but I can’t share without permission and they are just the cutest little boys.

We got to be in on the events as they transpired via Mopsie’s phone. Of course it took awhile to get most of the details. And this morning we saw the pictures. Fifty-four of them and it still wasn’t enough for me! Brought tears to my eyes. Mostly for the beauty of those little boys. But a few tears were of our memories in the NICU. What a rush of emotions.

Please continue to pray for those boys and their parents. They still have a little ways to go, but what an exciting entry into the world.

By the way, when Nate was recounting the birth story to us, he said, “And after they were born, I tried to keep an eye on both babies while the doctors where doing everything to them. It was hard to keep an eye on two children at one time. Have you noticed that? Is it always going to be hard to keep an eye on two?”  Hee Hee. If you know Nate, you know that he said that just for our benefit. If anyone can handle these boys, it will be Nate and Joy. But RockyDaddy and I will still be grinning all the way!


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