Denim Jumpers

Well, even though this is our one month off from home school, I can’t stop. It is a disease. Perhaps an addiction. I am still reviewing curriculum and perusing home school websites…looking for new and improved ideas.

My quest over the next two weeks is to come up with the perfect organization method to manage school AND home.

Since it has been almost two weeks since we began our summer break, I came to a realization. “I CAN manage a home.” I just don’t seem to be good at managing a home AND being a mother the way that I want. It has been quite awhile since I have been able to do both. It started about 4 1/2 years ago with the birth of my twins. Three children at or under the age of 3. Then about the time I might have gotten my act together, I jumped into home schooling head first, with little warning.

My mothering style changed. My new style is not better or worse. It is just now a HOME school style. We LIVE in our home. Not just 4 hours a day until bedtime.  Morning through night. Three meals a day.

We still go places. But my goal is to have as many days possible that we don’t go anywhere but a bike ride to the park or a trip to the YMCA. We just can’t get enough done if we don’t. And now I am with my children 24/7 and trying to cram teach as much information as possible into their creative, attention deficient, sometimes annoying, sometimes delightful, but always precocious brains.

Oh, I keep the house pretty clean, but not tidy. As we school, clutter overcomes us. I can’t go more than a week without scrubbing a toilet or scouring a sink, but to match those accumulating socks is overwhelming! And the Barbies and Polly Pocket toys have a life of their own! I’ll defiantly stare them down for a month before conquering them. (It helps to break down their will first.)

But this month that I am not “teaching” (OK, you guys KNOW that never stops, but you know what I mean.) I can wake up leisurely and give the kids a craft and start on organizational project number 12 of 30. It has me thinking…

I would really like to be able to do both.

Maybe that is just a pipe dream. I read of those super home school moms that have 12 kids all in matching denim jumpers (Nothing against denim jumpers. It just seems that you need them to be a “super home schooling family”.)  All of the children are learning Latin and advanced math,  do their chore chart without being asked, pick up their playthings, and NEVER interrupt their parents when they are having conversations. Well, that is so NOT the Rocky Family.

So over the next two weeks, I am trying to come up with what the Rocky Family WILL be for the next year. I am praying and looking up strategies. Obviously only God knows exactly what the next year will bring. I am just trying to plan a day to day routine that will fit our family (either in FL or CO) and accomplish our goals.

If you have any suggestions, I would like to hear them. What? Did you say, “Start sewing those denim jumpers.”? Ha! I am afraid to even wear a denim skirt. Someone might mistake me for an “organized, got it together, always in control” mom. Again, nothing against “denim jumper moms”.  Some of my best friends are denim jumper wearing moms…


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