No memory

Although I am married to an engineer, I still have technological difficulties. Technically my difficulty is getting tech support. I have so many photos to share, but our Mac is short on memory. So I have three memory sticks just waiting to be downloaded.

After research and time spent in the Mac stores (we have THREE here in CO), RockyDaddy now has a plan. Unfortunately he doesn’t have much time. So here is a list of posts and photographs that I plan to show you when tech support is done increasing our memory. (Don’t you wish that we could do the same with our brains?)

  • A few of my favorite things in colorado (including our garden, school room, wild flowers, our park, etc.).
  • Rocky A’s B-ball picts.
  • Rocky A’s Spring Music Theatre Class (an adorable chimney sweep).
  • Our home school group’s Art Exhibits
  • Rocky A’s Music Theatre  Summer Camp (complete with hyena and scarecrow costumes).
  • Our heads in the clouds (views from the drive and the top of Pikes Peak).
  • Our camping and educational trip to Great Sand Dunes National Park.
  • Colorado weeds.

See- isn’t this LAME without the actual photographs? Well, at least this is a start. And it will jog my memory when the Mac gets his.


One Response to “No memory”

  1. Mandi Says:

    Can’t wait to see the photos…although I need the password again! Would you mind sending me an email with the password when you get a chance? 🙂

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