It is always nice having someone in your corner. People who have your back. You can accomplish more that way, because you feel more secure in taking risks. Growing up, I was blessed to know that no matter what, my parents had my back.

As I grew up, I knew I could always call on my brothers (And  count on them to not like my boyfriends). As I developed friends, I looked for qualities like loyalty, authenticity, and integrity- people who would have my back in difficult situations.

Several nights ago I realized that I can now add three new people to my list of people who are looking out for my best interest. I hadn’t counted on adding them for quite some time. None the less, they came to my rescue.

RockyDaddy was out of town on the East Coast last week. I didn’t announce it, because I have trouble sleeping at night when he is away to begin with.

In fact last time he was in California he called my cell just as I was pushing the dresser against the door. Our dog does not do a lot of barking, but when he does the warning is loud and clear. So when I heard it, I proceeded to bar the door. My girls were already asleep in my bed, I had surveyed the main and upstairs levels, and I sure wasn’t going into the basement. How else would I sleep, if I didn’t formulate a fast saferoom? It made perfect sense to me at the time.   But I digress…

This was an East coast trip, so I knew RockyDaddy was already asleep and wouldn’t be calling. It was about 9:45 p.m. and the girls were in my room reading. I decided to walk the dog in the front yard, and told the girls just to keep reading in my bed until I got back.

RockyDog took a bit longer than usual to do his business and while I was out there the neighbor across the street came out to talk. He’s the kind of guy that you want looking out for you. An ex-marine family guy that knows about everyone’s business. He is now a grandfather, and had a lot to talk about. So I was outside longer than planned and had moved across the street under the streetlight.

I heard a door squeak open. Into the black of the Colorado night, out came three pajama clad slooths in their parents’ shoes. They stealthily moved as a team out onto the stoop. I quietly called, “Girls I’m over at Mr. RockyLand’s yard!” But their wide eyes, serious expressions, and purposeful movements behind the bushes and towards the end of the driveway indicated that they had not heard my announcement. So I called again, “Girls, I’m right here!”

Joy and relief burst forth from their expressions as RockyK exclaimed, “Momma, we were worried about you!” and RockyE lept into my arms. RockA relieved, started to scold, “Momma, you’ve been out here a long time. We didn’t know what happened to you.” I hugged them all and said I was sorry for worrying them. We said goodbye to our neighbor and traipsed back to bed.

I laughed as I noticed that they all had on adult size shoes.  I deduced that RockyA had said, “Girls, we need to go outside and check on Momma.” They grabbed the closest shoes, walked down the  stairs, and hand in hand came out to get me. Then it dawned on me. They faced darkness, wild animals, and the scary middle of the night unknown to come and save Momma. Those girls had my back!

I slept much better that night. I smiled as I went to sleep imagining them chasing away the boogie-man while wearing shoes 8 sizes too big and flannel pajamas. I couldn’t decide if it was Nancy Drew and the Bobsy Twins or more like ScoobyDoo and his gang. It really does not appear that they had any plan, other than to go out, find me, and bring me safely home. My little heros!


2 Responses to “Backup”

  1. Mandi Says:

    This is a great story and I’m so glad you journaled it so you can read it for years to come!

  2. Mandi Says:

    Also…Scooby Doo and gang need to come back me up the next time Howie is out of town! ha!

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