Mommy Date

In our house we try to have “mommy dates” and “daddy dates”. They are time where each child gets to go somewhere alone with Mom or  Dad. Even when the date is to the grocery store or Walmart, our kids love them. It is enjoyable for us to get to know each child as an individual, which I think is especially important for our twins.

Of course many times, if I have a chance to have some alone time, I appreciate that too. Oh the joy of leisurely walking through Target and laughing at all the other people wrangling their children through the store, while I sip a latte. Since grocery shopping has been my only alone time of late, I have not had too many mommy dates. Isn’t everyday a group mommy date? But tonight I was reminded that it is not the same.

Tonight’s “Mommy Date” was not planned or anticipated. It was a trip to the urgent care center. RockyK jumped off of the couch and landed on her face. I heard the thud as I was making veggie quesadillas. I spun around and looked to see her hunched over the carpet. When I  lifted her up and held her, blood flowed out of her mouth. My first thought was, “Well, she’s going to loose those two front teeth sooner than her twin, and she’ll be “the one without teeth”. But the blood was actually not from her teeth, it was from a gaping hole at her gum and lip line, above her two front teeth. So I opened a popsicle and pushed it up behind her lip and held her.

Then I called the urgent care center to see how late they were opened, fairly certain stitches were in order. I loaded up the girls with a red towel (-that we keep for bloody injuries. It is less startling than a light towel covered in blood). But surprisingly the popscicle trick was effective and the bleeding had slowed considerably.  As I was about to pullout of the drive, RockyDaddy appeared. So I gladly gave left the other two girls with him and drove off.

The urgent care center was hopping. But it is kind of a luxury urgent care, if there is such a thing. They offer coffee, juice boxes, and snacks. They have a massage chair in the tastefully decorated waiting area. When it was our turn to wait in the exam room, they asked what music we would like to listen too. Everyone doted on RockyK and they offered her a little prize toy before she was even seen by the doctor.

RockyK and I spent an hour chatting, looking at our books, and drawing on a magnadoodle. And although she was a bit frightened when they examined her mouth, she was a trooper. She lifted up her lip to show them her “blood hole” as she called it. But there was no way in Colorado that RockyK was going to let them into her mouth to do stitches. The doctor felt that although stitches were preferred, an anti microbial mouth wash and strong antibiotic would be our second choice. When we left,  RockyK was given another prize. And evidently I was well behaved too, because I was offered a free clip on first aid kit and complimented on my “popsicle technique” (Isn’t that what everyone does for boo boos?).

The date continued at the pharmacy, where they took time to look up whether or not flavoring could be added to our medications. Evidently both of our prescriptions ranked “high” on the “wheel of YUCK” and since we will be using them for 30 days, bubble gum flavor sounded good to me. The pharmacist even gave us a page of 40 stickers to help with compliance with the mouthwash.

As we got in the car to go home, RockyK surveyed all her prizes, gave me a hug and said, “I wish RockyE had a hole in her lip too so she could have all these prizes!” I laughed, because RockyK  had truly had fun and sincerely wanted her sister to enjoy herself too.

She was able to sit in my lap for over an hour and never once was she interrupted by a sister’s louder conversation. She asked a million questions and received an answer to each one. We were able to walk hand in hand everywhere that we went. As far as RockyK was concerned, it was a perfect evening…minus the blood and the pain.

And incidentally, she received another 30 minutes of undivided attention while I tried to convince her to use the mouthwash for the first time. I tried it too, to demonstrate. YUCK is an understatement!

Next time I won’t wait until a trip to the urgent care center is needed. I’ll choose someone to go with me to the store or on a bike ride. They need some individual attention and it reminds me how enjoyable each of them can be when they are not competing for attention with their sisters.


One Response to “Mommy Date”

  1. Mandi Says:

    That sounds like the most accommodating urgent care center EVER! No wonder RockyK felt like she was on a “mommy date” for the night!

    Good luck with the mouthwash. 🙂

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