How’s the weather?

Um, it is still summer, right? I mean this IS the last day in July? Because the low tonight is 50 degrees. 50. That’s a cold winter’s night where I come from.

We just returned from a free family movie projected outdoors. It is part of a summer series. And yet the family next to us had on ski hats. We had on long pants and summer sweaters, but were huddled under  fleece blankets, nursing a cup of hot coffee just to keep our hands warm.

I do love Colorado, but this weather is just plain strange. I never thought I would hear RockyDaddy say that he wished he had his ski hat in JULY!  I just turned on the AC three weeks ago. And now it is off. I enjoyed summer while it lasted. Is it too soon to buy a ski pass?


One Response to “How’s the weather?”

  1. Mandi Says:

    I wish we had some of that cooler weather here. 🙂 I’m thinking about parting with my frugal ways to buy some clinical strength deodorant as I am usually drenched in sweat anytime we are outside…gross!

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