Burro Birthday Bash

Today we attended a Burro Birthday Bash at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry. And after complaining about how strange the weather in CO is, I feel a bit guilty. Because while our friends and family swelter in the FL humidity and heat, we had absolutely beautiful weather. I mean it is just gorgeous!

What exactly is a Burro Birthday Bash? Well, it is a birthday party for two burros, Ore and Nugget. It was complete with birthday cake, ice cream, bluegrass music, and a sack race. My girls’ favorite parts were panning for gold and gems and feeding the baby burros carrots. But they even entered a model mine shaft and toured a fire truck.

While we attended this bash with friends, RockyDaddy hiked a 14er with Mark.  I heard tell that they made it off of the mountain, but haven’t seen hide nor hair of RockyDaddy since about 4 a.m. So we are looking forward to hugging him and telling him about all the fun we had. And perhaps explaining why we smell like burros.

It was a perfect Colorado afternoon!


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