Pitty the fool

There is the way that you know you should parent. And then there is the way that you FEEL like parenting. Every parent knows that often times those two roads are miles away from each other. And sometimes the roads even criss cross- like when we are crossed.

I was shopping with my three girls. They were actually behaving very well (which is not always the case). While I was in the check out line, I suggested that they stand at a nearby children’s dvd rack and look at the videos. I could tell the line was not going to be moving fast.

I glanced over as another little girl snatched a video out of 4 year old RockyK’s hands. Eight year old RockyA protectively moved between the girl and RockyK, and then handed RockyK another two dvds to look at. I walked over to RockyK and wispered in her ear, ” I am proud of you that you showed that little girl kindness even though she was mean. We can talk about it more later.” I also made eye contact with the offending little girl and glanced around for her mother, who of course was no where to be found.

I got back in line and watched as  Nasty Little Girl, we’ll call her NLG, then moved back over to RockK and ripped the two other dvd’s out of her hands. Then NLG raised her eyebrows towards RockyA as if to say, “What are you going to do about it?!”

Let me just stop here to mention that RockyDaddy’s philosophy is “The only thing that a bully understands is a punch in the face.” And he has taught this to our daughters. I agree but try to temper the lessons with the fact that God wants us to love our enemies but you don’t have to stay near mean people  and you can defend yourself if necessary. Lets face it- boundaries are a good thing for girls to learn how to put up.

The three Rocky little girls advanced towards NLG. RockyE yelled, “Don’t take that from my sister!” As RockyA straighten her back, stepped forward, and drew in a breath, I knew what was coming. Every inch of her body language was saying, “You mess with my sister, you gonna have to get messed up by me.” And I can’t say that I didn’t hesitate before I stopped her.  NLG had it coming. But today it wouldn’t be from anyone in the Rocky Family.

I yelled, “Girls! Come here right now.” I glanced around, and still no other mother in sight. I thought about whispering, “Get her while my back is turned as I pay.” But instead said, “You didn’t do anything wrong. We’ll talk outside.”

I didn’t quite realize how riled up my girls were until we discussed it outside. RockyE exclaimed, “That is a mean and nasty little girl!” RockyK said, “She told me to ‘shutup’ after SHE took the dvd I was looking at!”. And RockyA said, “I was going to punch her in the face!”

I tried to let them blow off some steam before I went into my rules about “First show kindness. Second move away from the situation. Third defend yourself if forced. You mess with me, you mess with my whole family.”

After a few minutes, RockyA said, “That little girl is probably going to hell.” In our family “hell” is not used as a swear word, but as an actual place. So I didn’t know if she meant it from an evangelical standpoint or just was stating where she thought that NLG could go. But who am I kidding? We all know what she meant. She just didn’t know what a terrible thing that is to say. But it did bring up the next talking point.

The discussion was continued again at dinner. It was all RockyDaddy could do not to spew Chicken Alfredo all over the kitchen as I whispered what RockyA had said. We both had to excuse ourselves to stifle the laughter as RockyDaddy did his best Godfather impression.

For now an altercation was averted. Some lessons were learned. The Rocky Family sisterhood was bonded. But I pitty the fool…


4 Responses to “Pitty the fool”

  1. Nate Says:

    It maybe wrong, but we love the drama.
    More blogs from fight-club please.

  2. Fiddledeedee Says:

    “That little girl is probably going to hell.” I MISS ROCKY-A! She’s just a no-nonsense tell it like it is gal. I’ll never forget her explaining to my girls what it’s like to get your ears pierced, “It felt like a car ran over my head.”


    And you did good, mama. I fear I would have unleashed 40 something years of pent up anger against NLG. 🙂

  3. Kristen Says:

    If I was eating chicken alfredo right now, I would spew it all over as well! Just catching up on blog posts from the summer while we have been gone (Steven and Amy say HI from South Africa!) and I have to say that is the funniest thing I have read. I hope I’m as good a parent as you one day. Too bad NLG doesn’t have one!

  4. stacey Says:

    OH MY!!!! I love your girls! I’m proud of you and how you handled this….from one “mama bear” to another.

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