When I was in drama in high school, my classmate Cathy and I used to do this improv all the time. We were two ladies who were so wealthy that we didn’t know how ridiculous our “problems” sounded. For instance, “Darling, I am so distressed. I DO not KNOW which vacation I should plan. Should I go tour Europe again, ski the Swiss Alps, or veg in the Caribbean? Oh the angst!”  We would flaunt our “rocks” (the rings on our hands) and prance around. It was great fun.

My current dilema reminds me slightly of those mockings. Should we spend another year in America’s Playground or  Eat Cheeseburgers in Paradise? Oh, the angst.

Really? Who will shed a tear for me over this dilemma?

I hope no one. Neither choice is a bad one. Although one friend cleverly calls our Florida home “Armpit, FL“, it is still home. Most of our family and dear friends are scattered relatively nearby. The beaches and Gators call us back.  And yet I could stay another ski season, wake up each morning to purple mountains majesty, and make it through another winter without having to pull out the nebulizer every 3 hours. We have great churches in both locations and we are just beginning to develop a network of friends in the Rockies. To be honest we could be happy with either location.

So we are asking God to make His will abundantly clear. So clear that our dense heads can’t miss it. And I believe that He is in the process of doing that.

So don’t shed any tears, but please do pray. Ask that God gives us wisdom, guidance, peace, and protection.

And believe me, when we finally have a definitive answer, we will let you know. No one wants to know more than me!

So Darling, should we have cocoa in the Rockies or OJ on the beach?


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