Heads in the Clouds




I am trying to catch up on some of the activities of the Rocky Family. So the next several posts might be a bit out of order. But I do have some photos that I want to share with you…even if it takes me awhile.

These photos are from about 2 months ago. Aunt Jessica drove over for a visit and we decided to ascent Pikes Peak. Yes, in a car. Not on foot, like my crazy husband.

We truly had our heads in the clouds. Some of the views were breathtaking, literally. I gasped when RockyDaddy  made the sudden lurch into Elk Park. There is no visible road, just a sudden descent that makes your life flash before your eyes. Now two months past the event, I can say that it was worth the view. But those weren’t exactly my word choices on that day.

We had a wonderful weekend with Aunt Jessica. Before the drive up Pikes Peak, she surprised the girls and attended the presentation from the Creative Arts Camp at our church. RockyA was in a black light mime and also had some art pieces displayed. We love Aunt Jes and are sure glad that we got to share those memories with her. More about Aunt Jes soon…an exciting announcement.


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