The Incline

This update goes all the way back to May. Could that have really been our most recent official date?!?

I planned a date to hike the incline and then go out to dinner. Nathan was impressed with my goal and I was just praying my feet would hold up.

This is a fabulous workout. World class athletes use this for training. Take a look:IMG_0001

Just a warning- You are not even looking at the top in this photo. This is the false peak of the incline. It goes even a bit further. Even when you have received a warning, it is hard to accept. My only consolation was that RockyDaddy told me I was doing much better than all 3 of my brothers who attempted it in November. At least I complained less than Vali (Miss you, Man! That’s just wack.). It must be an Altitude Attitude thing.

IMG_0009We made it! Now how do we get down? I may not be a world class athlete, but I still felt very accomplished.


One Response to “The Incline”

  1. Mandi Says:

    I am very proud of you…and feel tired and out of breath just looking at that incline!

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