Looks like more cocoa in the rockies

Hello. Where have we been? Well, waiting on a contract. And having fun. Over a span of about 6 weeks, we had 4 weeks of company. It was wonderful. I wish I had blogged over that time to record the memories, but I was too busy making the memories to record them.

Thankfully, my wonderful friend Kim made me a memory book of part of that time. Not only was her family the model of perfect guests, but she met my heart’s desire of a beautiful picture book of memories! I could give you a list of why they were perfect guests. But lets just start with the fact that there are 5 males in their family and they left the bathroom cleaner than when they arrived. Their family models the verse Proverbs 27:17 (As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another). And their children are the kind that make your children all better behaved for the time spent with them. So of course they are welcomed in our home any time, wherever it is…

Which leads me to the next announcement: after much waiting and prayer, we have another contract to stay in CO for 4 more months. Whew Hoo! We are excited. Not only will we get the chance for a few more ski escapades, but we will also get to be here for the birth of our new niece. Uncle L and Aunt J are having their first child in the beginning of February. It made me sad to think about missing her birth, so I am thrilled that we will be here.

What’s to come after February? We plan to be back in Florida after our adventures in Colorado come to an end. But we are leaving the possibility open to staying another few months after the current contract ends, if RockyDaddy is still needed for the work that he is doing. After all, it would be a shame to leave right before peak ski season! (Have you SEEN the weather reports!?!)

There are so many things that I will miss in Colorado. Just as there are so many things I miss about Florida. So Darling, it looks like “More Cocoa in the Rockies” for now.

DSC_0156Rockie Girls Celbrating our continued stay in CO

while visitting Aunt J and Uncle L


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