Let it snow!

We went to church on Saturday night, even though it meant missing the end of the most exciting football game of the year. (We Tivo’d Tebow). Which turned out to be a good thing for several reasons. First of all, it might have been hard to worship after the end of that game…just kidding.

We did just spend 9 months learning about worship, so I do know better than that. “Worship is an all of life response to the worth of who God is and what He has done”. It has little to do with winning or losing. But thankfully, Tebow has made it something to do with football. So as sad as it was to see Timmy in tears, it was comforting to know that he was still likely worshiping God. And so can we.

The news report late Saturday night gave us a second reason it was good that we went to the Saturday night service. Lows in the single digits with snow. And three more days of the same. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Maybe it is because I am from Florida, but I think that it is just beautiful. When I was out driving Sunday night, I thought it was exciting (especially when a fox crossed the street right in front of me- and my brakes made crunching noises -and I had four lanes to glide across by myself because everyone else was off the roads. All to the tune of “Joy to the World” on the radio.). And the cold is invigorating….as long as you can get into a warm house when you have the need.

The crunch of the snow beneath your feet! The smell of a fireplace burning oak. Hot cocoa steaming. Children wrapped so warmly that their arms float up from their sides. A new sweater that can be worn more than 3 times in a year. Snuggling under a blanket to watch Christmas movies as a family. Watching your 14 year old dog prance in the snow, making fresh tracks like a puppy. Finding the perfect pair of gently used snow blades to call your own. The hopes of a few more rides down a mountain, trailing behind your daughter…dare I make that plural? Thinking how adorable your husband looks after coming in from a run in the snow, with snowflakes on his hat. These are a few of my favorite things.


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