Sunny Summer Days

The weather is still a bit chilly here in Colorado. But I have been thinking about warmer days as I’ve gone through some pictures of the past year. We were so busy during summer, that I posted very few entries or pictures. So I thought I would share a few sunny memories today.

One of our favorite family activities is horse backriding in the Rockies. We have gone three times. Our girls are trying to earn another ride (in the snow) by “Speaking the Truth in Love”.  It is actually quite a workout for RockyDaddy and I, since RockyK and RockyE must be led by an adult. We hike up and down trails in the foothills while leading their horses. RockyA independently leads the way. So although I do hope they win a reward for speaking the truth in love, I’m not sure if I am ready for that workout in the snow! (As I am typing, a bit of sibling rivalry has resulted in three stones being moved from the “speak the truth in love” jar to the “unwholesome talk” jar. So maybe I don’t have to worry.)

On the bikes are RockyDaddy and my brother Nathan. RockyDaddy says that mountain biking Copper Mountain was one of his most memorable experiences in Colorado. He ranks it high on his list of things to do in Colorado.

The first pictures are of my brothers, my expecting sister-in-law, and my dad in the sunflower fields. To be honest, I don’t know if Colorado is more beautiful in the winter or the summer. Both are amazing. God was truly creative in His creation.


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