Crummies in our tummies

Since Tuesday night, a GI virus started running its way through out the house. As of this morning,  it has gone through all three children. We’ve tried to continue with some of the Christmas festivities we had planned, because we love Christmas and we live on the edge. Last night before the eldest child was showing symptoms, we loaded the van with children and bowls. We covered the children with blankets, turned on the Christmas tunes, and drove around looking at the beautiful lights. Thankfully no one had to use their bowl during our festive drive. And we’ve seen the best Christmas lights ever!

Because of the swine flu before Thanksgiving and this new virus, our Christmas cards and gifts will be mailed late. The packages have been sitting, since Tuesday. I had planned to mail them the day the vomit started. Unfortunately this virus coincided with a full week of work in Denver for RockyDaddy, so I didn’t ask him to mail them. I stayed busy cleaning carpets, towels, bedsheets, and teaching two four year olds “how to use a bowl”.

So if you are one of the people expecting a card from us, it will be in the mail soon!

Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May you know the love and joy that comes from knowing Jesus!


One Response to “Crummies in our tummies”

  1. Fiddledeedee Says:

    We’re leading sad paralleled lives, my friend. 🙂

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