Goals and milestones

Its seems that we have been going month to month, extending this Colorado Adventure as much as possible. Yet, we do finally know that we will be moving back to Florida at the end of summer…at least that’s the plan for now.

So as a family, we have been making a list of the things we want to do before this journey is over. Our wish list started out theoretical and slowly move towards reality. Things like a concert at Red Rocks, camping at Estes Park, bathing in Steamboat Springs, another marathon for RockyDaddy, a five miler and a 10K for RockyMomma, and convincing a few more family and friends to visit and become part of this adventure.

One of the things about RockyDaddy that I love is that he knows how I work and he helps me make my wishes turn into reality. He knows when to push me and when to carry me. He did both this weekend. Ever since we moved here, I wanted to run a race in Garden of the gods. It is one of God’s beautiful creations and quite a challenge. So RockyDaddy made it happen.

He signed me up for the race. But he did not sign me up for the 5K. Nope, he knew I could do the 5 miler. Then he got the girls ready for the early departure, saying something along the lines of “You WILL arise this early morning and call your mother blessed!” Dropped me off at the start, giving me an early mother’s day gift of a new Colorado racing hat. Then peddaled all three girls around the amazingly hilly course to cheer me on. How? He attached a tag-along trailer and a standard sit in bike trailer to his mountain bike- Allowing him to tow all three girls behind. It was quite a sight! As I would struggle to ascend yet another hill, I would gaze ahead and see my family waiting at the top.

I heard at least 10 comments about the “Super Dad” towing two trailers on bike and cheering on his wife. That’s My Man! After the race, two other runners came up to me and said how my family’s cheering, even encouraged them.

The race was absolutely beautiful. I listened to songs like Wonderful Savior (Andy Bromley), This is the Day (Lincoln Brewster), and Oh Praise Him (The Glorious Unseen). My heart praising God as I gazed at the amazing rock formations and snow covered Pikes Peak. My voice couldn’t praise, because I was busy gasping for air. But I smiled each time I passed my family screaming, “Go Mommy! You go, Girl!”  And I even met my goal of finishing in under an hour.

Actually my goal was originally just to finish. Because when racing in Colorado, not all miles are created equal. Have you ever ran a mile that is almost all up hill? Not in Florida, you haven’t. But when I heard Rocky Daddy say just past mile 4, “If you keep up this pace, you will finish in under an hour!”…I knew I had to dig in and make it happen. And it felt good! (I even “chicked” a couple guys in that last mile. But we won’t mention how many women over the age of 65 beat me! Wow! These Coloradans are amazing!)

So Mother’s Day came early for me. I felt very appreciated, loved, and energized. I am called to be a helpmate, home schooling mom, and home maker. And most of the time I enjoy cheering on my family, teaching them, and helping them meet important milestones in their lives. But I have to say, it felt good to have them do the same for me!


One Response to “Goals and milestones”

  1. Stacey Says:

    So proud of you! That’s awesome!

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