Living History Day

If you ever have a chance to go to Vision-Heirs’ Living History Day, GO!

While in Colorado, we have had the opportunity to go two times. My girls say that it is their favorite fieldtrip. Each year was a little different. They learned different things about Colonial America and the Revolutionary War. The first year, we just went in regular clothes, but made sure that the next year we had our Colonial attire. Since it was May, I didn’t think that we needed our Colonial snow coats, but I forgot that this is Colorado. (:

Some of the activities they were able to try out were candle making, basket weaving, shooting a musket, washing clothes, grinding corn, sawing a log, carding wool, spinning wool on a drop spindle, and observing a revolutionary war reenactment. Of course we read a little bit about Colonial America before the second trip. But I am sure that they remember more from  “living the history” than from reading it.

It was also a good reminder of what our Founding Fathers worked so hard to create…all the while acknowledging God’s divine providence and authority. How far our country has come. May we continue to acknowledge God in all our ways and pray that He will direct our paths! God, please bless America.


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