The Sound of Freedom

This week we experienced awe, thankfully without the shock.  After church on Sunday we heard the unmistakable sound of fighter jets flying directly over head. It was certainly awe-inspiring and made me glad that I am an American. Then I remembered that the USAFA graduation is this week. Which meant that the Thunderbirds would be practicing for the event.

So today we knew to keep our ears alert.  Ten minutes ago my girls yelled, “There they are! It’s the Airforce jets!” And we all ran outside to watch the show. The children at a near by school where out watching and cheering too, proud of our USAF.

Each time I see or hear them, it makes me proud to be an American. Proud that no other country helps others the way we do. Proud that we believe in freedom for all. And proud that we have the “shock and awe” of our military to keep it that way. When we first heard the roar overhead on Sunday, RockyDaddy pointed to the sky and shouted to the girls, “Do you hear that!?…That is the sound of FREEDOM.”


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