My three girls are in VBS this week. Although I do love my children and homeshool because I want to see more of them…sometimes less is more…if you know what I mean. Sometimes I need just enough time away to make me miss them.

The girls are truly enjoying VBS. They sing the songs all afternoon, talk about the games, quote the Bible verses and beam with pride as they show us the crafts made. But most of all they love the refreshments; they are the “bestest”. Popsicles, potato chips, and pudding- oh, my!

Well, I guess I am not much different. What do I love best about VBS? My time of refreshment! The first morning I met some other moms at Starbucks. Tuesday I cleaned the house. Wednesday I hiked Palmer Park with my great friend Christine (The one God sent as we were wading through the Creek.) I was so excited about this adventure that I was GIDDY! Thursday I started pre-packing de-cluttering and then after VBS had a picnic and park day with some other VBS families. And today the sky is the limit! This has been a time of refreshment.

As a mom who has very few hours in a week separated from her children, I needed this! Christine and I couldn’t believe that this was the first activity we had ever done together without the kids! We are both looking for another camp to sign them up for (:


3 Responses to “Refreshment”

  1. gail Says:

    hi ! thanks for sharing your blog with me! i love blogging and hope to catch up on mine this week while my kids are at camp (yea!). so glad you got to enjoy your time in Palmer Park. we love living so close to it!

  2. Stacey Says:

    When are you coming home? I miss you!

  3. rockiesfive Says:

    I miss you too! I’ll try to call soon.

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