Coupon Mom would eat it

One of the reasons we came out to Colorado was to meet some financial goals. Part of the process was being thrifty in as many ways as possible, while still fitting in as many Colorado Adventures as possible into our short time here. Overall I am happy with how we have met both goals.

Currently we are surrounded by packing boxes and clutter. So to ease some of the stress we have gone to both paper AND plastic. It is not green. It is not thrifty. But it is efficient. So we are using as many disposible items as possible for two weeks. I am still cooking most of our meals. (And by “cooking” I do mean to include sandwiches, salads, and pancakes). But I do not have time to wash dishes.

I say all this to let you know where we are coming from.

We just finished lunch and I still don’t have all the projects done on the first half of my list. I just want lunch cleared and one more closet empty.

I say, “Rocky A, please help me throw away everything from lunch.”

“But, Mom, there is still yogurt in these containers.” she replies.

“Yes, I know. Just throw it away.”

RockyA smiles and says, “Coupon Mom would eat it!”


One Response to “Coupon Mom would eat it”

  1. Mandi Says:

    I read this early yesterday morning and it gave me such a good laugh. I love that you are raising some frugal girls!

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