RockyA caught this wildlife with my camera…Thankfully, it was while we were at the Denver Zoo!

We had a wonderful time at the Denver Zoo with Aunt Jessica, Uncle Larry and Baby CousinJ. I am going to miss them SOOOOOOOO much when we move back to FL. What a privilege it has been to see the first 5-6 months of baby cousin J’s life. And to share so many of our Colorado Adventures with L and J.

It is a great zoo. We even saw the baby sea lion- so cute! My children attended a presation of some of the animals. They sat front and center and raised their hands to ask questions. These three have no fear of speaking in front of groups. The only fear is WHAT will they say!?!

They were able to pet a couple snakes and even a Madagascar Cockroach. Ewww! Then RockyE raised her little hand and ask the zookeeper, “What petstore can I buy a pet  cockroach?”

Won’t she be thrilled to find that cockroaches are one of the joys of living in Florida.


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