RockyDaddy’s Running Log

Past/Upcoming Races
June 7, 2008 : Nielson 2 Mile Challenge (Time = 17:18)
Oct 4, 2008 : Nielson 2 Mile Challenge (Time = 16:51)
March 1, 2009 : Gasparilla Half Marathon, 13.1-Mile (Time = 2:15:54)
May 2, 2009 : Nielson 2 Mile Challenge (Time = 15:21)
May 25, 2009 : Bolder Boulder, 10K (Time = 49:26)
June 14, 2009 : Garden of the gods 10-Mile (Time = 1:28:57)
July 5, 2009 : Summer Trail Roundup, 12K (Time = 1:12:33)
July 12, 2009 : Barr Camp Mountain Run, 12-Mile (Time = 2:51:25)
Aug 15, 2009 : Pikes Peak Ascent, 13.1-Mile (Time = 5:10)
Oct 3, 2009 : Nielson 2 Mile Challenge (Time = 14:46)
Oct 10, 2009 : Panerathon 10K (Cancelled due to Ice!)
Dec 5, 2009 : Rock Canyon Half Marathon
Jan 11, 2010 : Disney Marathon (Goals: 1. Have Fun 2. Finish, 3. Sub 4:30)


Weeks Until Disney Marathon: 8

Wednesday – Nov 18, 2009
Track Workout: Warm-up, 1-mile @ 7:16, 400m RI, 2-miles @ 15:26, 800m RI, 2x800m @ 3:35 and 3:34, Cool-down
Friday – Nov 20, 2009
10K loop around the park — both side of the creek. 1-mile easy, 4-miles at 8:31 (MT Pace), 1-mile easy
Sunday – Nov 22, 2009
19 miles in 3:24:57 (10:46 pace). Felt tired, but pretty good. Some pain in my right foot. Learning that you can run through the “bad parts” of a long run — and eventually, things get better. Nutrition was 2 Clif Gel Shots plus several dark chocolate mini Snickers. Listened to the Gators vs FIU audio during the run. Go Gators!

8 Weeks to Go Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest Rest 6.2 Rest 6.2 Rest 19 31.4

Weeks Until Disney Marathon: 9

Tuesday – Nov 10, 2009
Track Day: 12x400m with 200m RI. All repeats were between 1:43 and 1:46 with the final one at 1:36.
Thursday – Nov 12, 2009
Temp Run: 10K on base. 1.5-miles easy, 3-miles at ST, 1.5 miles easy
Sunday – Nov 15, 2009
Got about 5 inches of snow last night. Went out sledding with the girls this morning and the trails are in rough shape. Decided to run 10 miles on the treadmill at the Y.

9 Weeks to Go Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest 5.25 Rest 6.2 Rest Rest 10 21.45

Weeks Until Disney Marathon: 10

Tuesday – Nov 3, 2009
7x800m at the track. Getting better at pacing these… 3:40, 3:45, 3:45, 3:40, 3:41, 3:41, 3:39
Friday – Nov 6, 2009
5.5-mile tempo run @ LT pace. Out and Back on creek trail.
Sunday – Nov 8, 2009
17-mile long run in 3:04. Stopped a few times to look for some nice running gloves that I lost. Oh Well. Felt probably the best of any long run. Making my own Gatorade mixture with honey, lemon juice, orange juice and water. Also tried Vitamin Water citrus ‘energy’ and the cliff one-shot mocha with caffeine at about 1.5 hours into the run. Tasty and I think it helped keep my energy up.

10 Weeks to Go Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest 5 Rest Rest 5.5 Rest 17 27.5

Weeks Until Disney Marathon: 11

Tuesday – Oct 27, 2009
Half-mile warm-up followed by 5 miles at 8:57 pace; half-mile cool-down. This felt like a much harder workout since it was very cold — a winter storm is on the way!

Sunday – Nov 1, 2009
16-mile long run. 10 out and back down Homestead, then 6 more on the creek trail. I think it helped to be able to stop and eat a bit after 10. Pretty tired, but felt good. Need to eat quickly once I stop next time…

11 Weeks to Go Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest 6 Rest Rest Rest Rest 16 22

Weeks Until Disney Marathon: 12

Tuesday – Oct 20, 2009
Picked up a used Garmin Forerunner 305 today to help me track my distances. Today was 3x1600m at the track with 200m rest intervals. My times were 7:40, 7:35 & 7:35. Here is a speed chart from the Garmin:
You can see the three mile repeats at about 8mph (7:30 pace), and even my half mile warm-up and cool down. The sharp spikes during the warm-up were when I stopped to drink some water…pretty cool! Thanks RockyMomma!

Thursday – Oct 23, 2009
1 mile warm-up; 3.5 miles on the treadmill at the Y (8:32 pace); half-mile cooldown.

Sunday – Oct 25, 2009
8 miles in a blowing snow storm. I really wanted to quit several times, but kept at it. Every three weeks is a cutback week — so I kept it to only 8.

12 Weeks to Go Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest 4.5 Rest 5 Rest Rest 8 17.5

Weeks Until Disney Marathon: 13

Wednesday – Oct 14, 2009
5x1000m at the track — 400m rest interval. Good Workout — Felt Strong.
Times: 4:26, 4:25, 4:24, 4:29, 4:17

Friday – Oct 16, 2009
About 5.5 miles on some new trails up north. Middle 3 were at a pretty fast pace.

Saturday – Oct 17, 2009
Out and back towards greenway for about 2.5 hours. I’m guessing this was around a 14-mile run. Felt extremeely tired for the final two miles.

13 Weeks to Go Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest 5 Rest 5.5 14 Rest 24.5

Weeks Until Disney Marathon: 14

Tuesday – Oct 6, 2009
Ladder work-out at the track. 1200m (5:43), 1000m (4:22), 800m (3:27), 600m (2:30), 400m (1:36), 200m (0:47).

Thursday – Oct 8, 2009
Out and back on the park trail. 7 miles.

Saturday – Oct 10, 2009
Planned to run the Panerathon 10K, but we had ice covering most of the city. Really strange for October, but the race got canceled. Probably a good thing…I almost slipped just getting out of the car — and the roads were very slippery.

Monday – Oct 12, 2009
12-miles nice and easy out towards the greenway and back. Legs felt a little tired towards the end — time was around 2 hours.

14 Weeks to Go Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Mon* TOTAL
Rest 3 Rest 7 Rest Rest 12 22

Weeks Until Disney Marathon: 15

Tuesday – Sept 29, 2009
Repeats on the track at work. 4x800m with a goal pace of 3:45 per 800m with a 2-min rest in between intervals. Half-mile warm-up and cool-down.
I ran 3:35, 3:48, 3:40 & 3:34

Thursday – Oct 1, 2009
1-mile warmup, 5-miles at a medium (~ 9 minute) pace, 1-mile cool-down. Out-and-back on the park trail. Had to wear gloves…it’s starting to get colder.

Friday – Oct 2, 2009
Hiking with RockyMomma. Found a really neat trail between two canyon walls that leads to a waterfall.

Saturday – Oct 3, 2009
2-mile race at Monument Valley in 14:46 — my best time yet. Felt good except at the beginning when the temp was around 30.

Sunday – Oct 2, 2009
About 8 miles out at the Falcon Trail. Got on the wrong trail at first and spent half an hour wading through sawgrass. Once I found it — things got much better.

15 Weeks to Go Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest 3.5 Rest 7 Hiking 2 8 20.5

Weeks Until Disney Marathon: 16

Tuesday – Sept 22, 2009
Really cold tonight. It snowed yesterday. Did 3x1600m around the neighborhood. Really hilly course — none of it is flat.
Ran repeats in 7:34, 7:49, and 7:22 — About 3 minutes of rest in between (mostly in the garage as I tried to warm up)

Friday – Sept 25, 2009
2 easy + 2 hard + 2 easy down park trail almost to the Interstate. I probably ran a little further than 6, but it’s a close enough guess. Total time was 1:00:17 with a few walk breaks at the transitions.

Sunday – Sept 27, 2009
10 Miles out at Gog. Extremely hilly course — followed the June Race route, except I stated from the North Parking lot and circled fro there. Time was around 1:42

16 Weeks to Go Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest 3.5 Rest Rest 6 Rest 10 19.5

Weeks Until Disney Marathon: 17

Wednesday – Sept 16, 2009
10-min warm-up, 3x1600m at the track, 10-min cool-down.
Ran repeats in 7:41, 7:39, and 7:29 — 400m rest-interval in between.

Friday – Sept 18, 2009
Incline Day — 35:58. Started with some of the active guys from work, but sped up after 10 minutes. Went up to the trail merge and a nice easy jog back down Barr.

Sunday – Sept 20, 2009
9.3 miles out and back on the Homestead Trail. A new trail I’ve never seen before. Fairly hilly, but a good long run. Made it in around 1:36, which is about a 10:19 pace, including a few stops. Saw a lot of rabbits on this trail.

17 Weeks to Go Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest Rest 4.5 Rest 6 Rest 9 19.5

Weeks Until Disney Marathon: 18

Monday – Sept 7, 2009
7 miles out at GOG. One hill back up from town was extremely long and steep. Felt good to run all the way up. Saw two mule deer along the way.

Wednesday – Sept 9, 2009
Starting new Run Less, Run Faster plan for marathon training.
Back at the Incline — my favorite workout. 35:20…felt pretty good. I’m counting the incline as speed work. Not that it resembles anything like a track workout, just since my HR is pegged well over 180 for the last 15-20 minutes.

Friday – Sept 11, 2009
Today was 2-easy (10min/mi), 2-tempo (8min/mi), 2-easy.
I did a 6 mile out-and-back on the Creek Trail in 58:33

Sunday – Sept 13, 2009
8-miles out and back on the SF Trail — a mildly hilly run. I was supposed to do 10:18’s, but my total time was 1:17, so it was more like a 9:38 pace. It’s been a while since I went this far — felt pretty good.

18 Weeks to Go Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
7 Rest Incline Rest 6 Rest 8 25

Weeks Until Disney Marathon: 19

Thursday – Sept 3, 2009
4 miles down to the bridge and back.

Saturday – Sept 5, 2009
6 Miles down toward the Homestead Trail.

19 Weeks to Go Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest Rest Rest 4 Rest 6 Rest 10

Weeks Until Disney Marathon: 20

Thursday – August 28, 2009
1:06 to the top of hill in Dillon, then out towards a lake. Nice Run.

Friday – August 29, 2009
Cross-Training: Mountain Biking at Copper Mountain — one of the best things I’ve done this summer. Had an absolute blast and saw a huge 10-point mule deer. Awesome!

Sunday – Aug 31, 2009
6 Miles on the Frisco Greenway — a very cool run.

20 Weeks to Go Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest Rest Rest 5 Biking Rest 6 11

…OK… Way too long here with no updates…



Monday – May 4, 2009
Rest Day — I did go see a PT since my feet are still hurting. She thinks it’s Plantar Faciitis — Bummer. I may need to cut back on my training

Tuesday – May 5, 2009
1:09 up Barr Trail. Made it to No-Name Creek in ~51. The around 40 minutes down. Hard Workout!

Wednesday – May 6, 2009
Went to a Dr to check out my heart and feet. Got full OK with my heart and lungs to do more altitude training. He thinks I don’t have PF — maybe a slight strain. Stretch and Advil to cure it… we’ll see.

Thursday – May 7, 2009
3.5M easy

Week 17 Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest 7 Rest 3.5 Rest 10.5


Monday – April 27, 2009
5K on base in 25:13. Cold & Windy.

Tuesday – April 28, 2009
34:29 for Incline Day! Also went about a mile further to 3.5M sign for Barr Camp — will tackle that one soon.

Thursday – April 30, 2009
4M including 2x150m hill repeats at the end

Saturday – May 2, 2009
2M warm-up + 2M race (15:22) + 2M cool-down

Sunday – May 3, 2009
5M (easy) out to Union and back.

Week 16 Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
3.1 Incline + 1.5 Rest 4 Rest 6 5 22.6


Monday – April 20, 2009
3 Miles around the park with the whole family – nice and easy. RockyMom’s getting geared up for a 10K.

Tuesday – April 21, 2009
Incline Day. Set a new PR — 35:32
Went up another half mile to Barr Trail at the top. Spectacular view!

Friday – April 24, 2009
5.5 miles out and back on the park trail + 2 hill reapeats

Saturday – April 24, 2009
2.5M easy plus 2x400m repeats at a track with RockyMomma.

Week 15 Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
3 Incline + 1 Rest Rest Rest 6 3 16


Wednesday – April 15, 2009
Incline Day. Set a new PR — 37:30

Friday – April 17, 2009
Snowboarding at Winter Park

Sunday – April 19, 2009
Snowboarding ar Copper. Last day of the season. Also did 3 cross-fit intervals at Mark’s house

Week 14 Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest Rest Incline Rest Boarding Rest Boarding + 1.5 4.5


Week 7 Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest Rest 0


Tuesday – February 17, 2009
3 Miles around the park, with 3-4 up-tempo runs about 1-min each.

Thursday – February 19, 2009
YMCA Workout — about 2 miles of total running/elliptical.

Saturday – February 21, 2009
5.5 down the park trail and back — easy. My feet were starting to hurt after 3 miles. I’m thinking of ordering new shoes.

Week 6 Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest 3 Rest 2 Rest 5.5 Rest 10.5


Tuesday – February 10, 2009
4 Miles around the park with some tempo sections. Calf felt really good. Knees hurt a little at the end, but I think that’s ’cause it was 20 degrees.

Thursday – February 12, 2009
5 Miles out-and-back along the creek in 47 minutes (including walk breaks). I’m sorry for complaining about the cold weather on Tuesday as it was 11 degrees when I left the house at 5:45 this morning. C’mon Groundhog!

Saturday – February 14, 2009
For Valentine’s Day, I did my longest run to date. 14 Miles out and back on the SF trail. It was 14 degrees when I started at 7AM, but warmed up to 20 almost 3 hours later — and it snowed almost the entire time I was out there. The entire trail was covered in snow — which made the footing a little suspect. I felt good, but my legs were awfully tired towards the end.

Sunday – February 15, 2009
Feet hurt a little this morning from the long run yesterday. Took a 4-mile bike ride pulling the girls in a trailer. A few hill repeats on a hill near our house and a couple gliders at the end.

Week 5 Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest 4 Rest 5 Rest 14 Bike/Hills 23+


Tuesday – February 3, 2009
4 Miles out & Back at 6AM. Temp was in the high 20’s, so I felt pretty good after a warm-up. Probably just over 9-min pace.

Thursday – February 5, 2009
3.5 on the treadmill at the Y. Ran the 5K loop in about 27 minutes. Bad news is that later that night, my right calf muscle started hurting pretty bad…

Friday – February 6, 2009
Family Ski Trip — Calf muscle hurt pretty good in the AM, but felt much better when we got back home. Probably going to rest it for a few days

Sunday – February 8, 2009
Went for a 2-mile run/walk. Ran *real* slow for about a mile. Leg feels better, but still a few twinges. Been doing lots of massage and ice.

Week 4 Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest 4 Rest 3.5 Ski Day Rest 2 9.5


Tuesday – January 27, 2009
Woke up at 6AM. Ran 3.6 in about 40 minutes; took a few walk breaks to warm up my hands and adjust my iPod. There was about 3″ of snow on the trails, so that slowed me down a bit, but there’s no better reward for waking up early to run than seeing only your fresh footprints in the snow. My fingers and toes were numb after the first half-mile, and later started to hurt. When I got home, I found out the temp was -6 (with a wind chill of -17 … Ouch!) I gotta get some warmer socks and gloves.

Thursday – January 29, 2009
3 miles around the park — Had to wait until 9PM to run (after the kids were asleep). Warmed up into the upper 20’s today. Almost could have left the hat (or the sweatshirt hood).

Saturday – January 31, 2009
10.2 Miles at the GoG. Felt pretty good — just under 2 hours (including two 5-min stops and some walk breaks). There are LOTS of hills there, which was a challenge. I’m going to try and go 13 in two weeks.

Sunday – February 1, 2009
2.5 Miles around the Park. Easy pace — just working off some of the soreness from yesterday’s long run. A solid week — feeling more confident about the races I have planned for this year.

Week 3 Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest 3.6 Rest 3 Rest 10.2 2.5 19.3


Tuesday – January 20, 2009
Ran about 4 miles out to ‘the trail bridge’ and back. 18:46 out, 19:37 back. Pretty cold when I started, but I still love running in this town.

Thursday – January 22, 2009
3 Miles on the YMCA treadmill. Just under 9-min pace. Treadmill workouts not nearly as exciting as runnning outside here, but they’re a heck of a lot warmer.

Friday – January 23, 2009
2.5 around the park. Lots of good hills. Just a quick run before dark. Running while it snows is awesome! Although it was around 30 degrees. Finally thought of carrying my handheld GPS on runs — great feedback — I just wish it was a little smaller (and included a cell phone). Got in touch with a group here in town that does weekend long runs…looking forward to some company.

Sunday – January 25, 2009
8 Miles! It was sub-30 temp and snowing…My water bottle even froze solid after about 5 miles. I ran to the interstate and back on one of the park trails along the river. Maybe not the wisest since I realized I was running with the flow of water on the way out — which meant a long 4-mile incline to get home. I’m using the “Galloway” method on long runs, which I’ve decided means (for me) 1-min walking for every 6-min jogging on long runs.So my total time was 1:36:51, I think my running pace (minus walks) was around (10:30 / mile).

Week 2 Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest 4 Rest 3 2.5 Weights
8 17.5


Thursday – January 15, 2009
Stretching, Weights and Treadmill at the YMCA (A’s B-Ball Night). Tried “Fireman Fitness Test” on treadmill (increases speed or incline each minute till exhaustion) — Made it about 12 minutes

Saturday – January 17, 2009
Hiked near Palmer Lake — a little over a mile uphill on a snow-covered road to the Reservoir — which is frozen over. More workout than you would think, since I alternated which kid got to ride the sled as I pulled them up. TONS of fun (borderline scary) going back down.

Sunday – January 18, 2009
Ran 5 out/back on ‘the trail’ with L & J.

Week 1 Summary

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Rest Rest Rest Weights
3 Hike 5 8+


11 Responses to “RockyDaddy’s Running Log”

  1. Eric Sisk Says:

    Found out I have 42 days to get in shape to run a half marathon

    Ran 5 miles, passed out, met out of work man who was looking though my pockets for my ID….spare change

    Through up before I can just to get it out of the pay. Thought about passing out, decided to wait till after the run. Can’t find spare change.
    Went 3.5

    Not all event listed in blog are true especially parts about passing out and homeless people.

  2. Eric Sisk Says:

    spell checked blog. Its pretty sad.

  3. Eric Sisk Says:

    1-23- worked late. Not workout. Need to get at least 10 in over weekend.

  4. Eric Sisk Says:

    1-25-09- Ran 6 at 9 minute pace.

  5. Eric Sisk Says:

    Ran 2 yesterday night and 7.5 today in about 9 1/2 pace. Im gonna feel that in the morning.

  6. Eric Sisk Says:

    Ive been updating all my facebook friends on my progress.
    Tuesday off
    Wednessday- 3
    Thursday – 2.2
    Sunday off- Hopefully long run tomorrow.

    I am game. For the Little Orlando run. 1/2 or full.

    We have to sign up soon.

  7. Eric Sisk Says:

    Went 8.5 today on a treadmill. Weather was rough today in Florida.

  8. Eric Sisk Says:

    Went 9.5 on the treadmill. Goal was 10, but they were closing the Y. Hope your calf is doing better.

  9. Eric Sisk Says:

    Today was a break. Yester day Ran 3 miles at 8 minute pace.

  10. Eric Sisk Says:

    Went 10 Sunday. Monday and Tuesday off.

  11. Eric Sisk Says:

    Thursday-4 (hard)
    Friday- rest
    Saturday- 5 easy starting to taper.

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